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Post Kazukan

This is a fan anime I have made up that holds the name "Kazukan".


It is set in a futuristic world where aliens and humans live in harmony, the ones that don't which are too much trouble for the police to handle end up being brought down by warriors called Kazukan. These warriors train under Chi and use high-tech weapons. The main characters are Jaden, Cyrus, and Max whom are joined on a squad with Tara and Kira, Kira whom crushes on Cyrus whom could care less about her. This squad and the earth become targets for evil maniacs wanting to overthrow Kazukan and rule the world. Jaden, Cyrus, and Max however are 50% Antrarion/50% Human, and possess abilities that can exceed far ahead of a normal human's. Antrarion's are supernatural aliens with a strangely easy way of using Chi and abnormally fast healing factor. They have a powerful hidden alien creature underneath, appearing dragon-like in their true form. Which is a legend that hasen't happened in thousands of years. The creatures power can be released with extreme emotion and can sometimes be influenced dark thoughts, if the person has enouph anger and evil in his heart, only leaking out a bit each time, appearing as different stages like Naruto's Kyubi transformation for example. When it was released thousands of years ago an insane emperor became influenced by evil and began killing everyone in sight and doing whatever he wished destroying Town after Town, until stopped by a brave warrior whom sacrificed himself in order to save his people. The brace warrior is related to Jaden however, and Cyrus's ancester may be none other than the dark emperor himself. As of now it is only known as a legendary myth though. Their journey of peace will not be easy,it will be filled with love, hatred, drama, death, betrayal, and so on.

This is the plot, thanks if I get any feedback on it.
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Thanks for the post. Ill look into this.
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naruto dragonball

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