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anime 101
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Best anime ever?

im sorry because i know that this thread has been created countless of times but i'm trying to find really amazing animes. just put ur favorites here.

so far mine are:
1) Elfen Lied
2) Cowboy Bebop
3) Ghost in the Shell
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Why Elfen Lied in the top 3, and could someone explain to me why Ghost in the Shell is always featured pre-dominantly? I realise it is a classic and I enjoyed it, but it was a one off movie with a plot not so different from say, Patlabor.

Personally I find that my mood greatly affects what I'll appreciate. Sometimes Im in a mood where watching a male treat a female poorly (typically in harem anime) will ---- me off. Sometimes Im just too sleepy to watch something that tries to be too deep.

Cowboy Bebop is almost always good though. Not as re-watchable for me as Trigun, but definitely an anime that can stand on its own merits (much like Samurai Champloo).
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Kaiba, Betterman, Kino no Tabi, Gilgamesh, FLCL, Hare+Guu, Figure 17, Outlaw Star, Kyo no Gononi, and Noein to just name a few.

Elfen Lied seemed shallow and just filled with shock to me.
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5 favorites so far..

1 - Code Geass
2 - Air
3 - Strawberry Panic
4 - Vampire Knight
5 - Full Moon Wo Sagashite

I haven't really seen Cowboy Bebop nor Ghost in a Shell, heard of them, but I've seen Elfen Lied. I honestly would think that the manga is better than the anime, I felt a bit rushed and that it left behind a whole lot, so it's okay for a 'dark' romance.
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M.D. Geist and Black Lion are my tops!
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i am a little new here but these are a few of my favorites
Hellsing ( OVA and Tv series)
Naruto ( i know but i like the subs not the English version)
death note
gun x sword
trinity blood
just to name a few i have more but they are the ones i like the best
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Project Akira
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Cowboy Bebop is still probably one of the best series that's been on television in the last 20 years.
If by high art you mean it's fun to smoke pot and look at Mike Mignola's art, I'm in total agreement.
- Tom Spurgeon (writer for the comics journal), on whether or not Mike Mignola's Hellboy is high art
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Well...your standard answers are going to be in the lines of Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Trigun, and [Insert Miyazaki Film Here].

I've never really understood why so many people consider Bebop to be "top shelf anime." Don't get me wrong, it's good...but I never felt like it really WENT anywhere, plus I didn't think the Spike/Vicious backstory was explored sufficiently.

My favorites/best are:

Eva (cliched, but I still love it!)
My Anime Stats:

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Favorite Anime: Evangelion (Hands Down)
Least Fav: Naruto
Currently Watching: Bleach
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Originally Posted by ryushe View Post
M.D. Geist and Black Lion are my tops!
M.D. Geist? This was probably the worst anime I have ever seen... There was absolutely no plot! Besides that the animation was awful, purely disgusting.

My favorites would probably be Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Miyazaki films, and Makoto Shinkai films. I also love Haibane Renmei and Now and Then, Here and There.
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Not in any particular order:

Rurouni Kenshin
Bubblegum Crisis (original)
Gunbuster 1
Hokuto No Ken
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anime 101
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ok. elfen lied is not really in my tops but it was the most recent i had seen and it kinda left a strange feeling tht it was good, f'd up, but good.

i think im gonna have to revise my favs so here it goes:

1) princess mononoke
2) ghost in the shell
3) avatar the last airbender

yes. avatar. i know tht it was on nickolodeon and some of you probably dont see it as an anime, but it was a damn good show. its plot was intense all the way up till the ending. and it had a decent amount of episodes. i hate how some shows are only 26 or so episodes. naruto is a great anime except i went through it way too fast and i started reading the manga and i havent gone back to the shows since. miyazaki films are incredible. obviously. they are probably the only anime movies that have yet to master the feelings between characters. cowboy bebop was a great show but it left me unsatisfied with the ending. the bebop movie was a lot better.
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I agree that Princess Mononoke was a good flic, but not a top 5 contender.
And I got your back, Avatar is a badass show. I'm really anticipating the movie by Shamalamalamalamalan.
Vampire Hunter D has always been at my top of "most visually attractive/stunning anime".
I guess I really haven't seen much since my earlier days. MoonLight lady was a good one too
No Yamcha for the Cabbit!!!!

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For me it's as follows in no particular order :

Hajime ippo
Prince of tennis
Tenjho Tengo
Fate/Stay night
Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

and the list goes on ....... and on .........
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