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Interview With Guy Who Directed Kannagi

Yes, so apparently NHK have a free channel for English-speakers, and there's this weekly show called "Imagine-nation" or something which focuses on games, manga and anime. I caught the episode this week and they interviewed this guy called Yukata Yamamoto, who directed something called Kannagi and worked on Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

So they asked him what was so great about Kannagi, which is supposed to be this romantic comedy, and he said the legs of the characters. Yamamoto said that it takes real skill to draw a pair of female legs that look appealing. What a load of f-ucking bollocks! The guy was on TV with the opportunity to sell his work to an international audience and all he can come up with is "legs". What a dickweed. No wonder anime storylines are permeated with juvenile tosh, and have a reputation for this, with this type of mentality. At this point, I knew exactly what the target audience was: brainless, horny teenagers and like-minded older people. Pass.

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Second post :O. Anyways, I don't know about that being the targeted audience. I watched Kannagi, and found it to be entertaining. I usually get anime before I know what they are about, this was no exception. But in my experiencee, I allways feel in most anime that the creators sometimes have other things on their heads. The point is, even if the creator is a pervert, the anime can be entertaining. Actually, I found Kannagi to be on the less perverted side.. compared to other anime Take rumiko for exampe... why does she allways draw Ranma (Female-type) in sexual poses... naked. And she allways puts naked breasts out of nowhere. Point is: I allways take if for granted that the creators are a little perverted.

Also, connecting kinda to this: All the facial expressions that are unhuman and the noises that you see in anime. Some people might like that, but I don't, and I think it's the reason that many people stay away from anime. But the truth is, I find character development and stories to be much better than in tv series (With humans i mean), and movies). This is why I watch anime, and why I overlook this kind of stuff.

I'm not ranting that you should watch Kannagi, I'm just saying that if you throw away anime just because at times the creators have perverted ideas in their minds, you'll find that there are not too many. Kannagi was a fun show, and I did notice mild sexual depictions, like the mini skirt she wears, and the camera angles at times; but what is important is that it was enjoyable.

As a disclaimer: I don't get sexually aroused when watching Anime. I just pay attention to the story.

PS: What's up with the characters closing their eyes when smiling. I don't really care, but is it really a necessity to get the message across tha they are really happy. I'm saying this because I have not seen many(If any) anime that do human smiles. Does it look weird if they don't close their eyes?
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