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[] Cowboy Bebop Writer: Anime Will Die Out in Few Decades

Ergo Proxy/Eden of the East's Dai Sato discusses issues in anime industry

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She is old and nearly 70 now? No, badly bent, looks like 80 or even 90. She forced a little wide open eyes and said: \Postman was surprised, said: \Grandmother Mimi smile.
\Grandmother took the letter into his arms wildly as prayer. And then said: \Postman feel a bit scared, but also a bit interesting.
Deep wine library, dimly lit a small lamp, wine and tide floated the mixing of strange smell mold.
Postman hesitated, but he then thought, hang the bike on the bag was empty,920-468 free download, the task has been completed today's mail, you can easily look up. Together with grandmother so he kept,stretched out, he said: \  Curry as if caves. It was not long into the light wind no one is interested in the ancient wine library. To live in this place who does the monster or a ghost? Postman trepidation to watch grandmother's face.
But the old lady's face is also not a horrible place. Her sparse white hair, rope in the back of the head. Played a small bun. Her eyes squint fine with a smile. In the old big stores often have such a grandmother.
\Watch out for a postman to see,920-209 free download,Handkerchief on Hanada _12, eyes have a top spot. Library became a temporary living room unexpectedly. Old round table, four velvet chairs, kerosene lamps blackened iron stove. These appliances, as if bathed in magical light, dreamily rose before his eyes.
Postman sitting in a chair, reach out to the stove to warm.
\Grandmother finished, has been going into it, gently board room at the end of the barrel, from a high shelf, and took a pot. It is only 20 cm high clay pots. Treasured grandmother stroked pot, go back and carefully put pot on the round table. \\\something ah. \\Pot unexpectedly light.
\Grandmother covered his mouth, like a naughty child giggled and said, adding that: \\He believes that his grandmother is in the tease.
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