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Exclamation How about a Monster prequel?

I just finished re-watching Monster on Comcast On Demand. A few things are a bit clearer now than when I watch the series on ScyFy. Of course, the last ten episodes on ScyFy were spread over three or four months which made the story a bit harder to follow.

But there are a few things which still are not clear. We know that most of what we know happened in the Red Rose Mansion actually happened to Nina. We know very little of Johann’s experiences, so we really do not know what turned him into a monster. We also don’t know why he appears now and then in drag, even as a child.

The it hit me! What is needed is a Monster prequel. It would show the events from the courtship of Nina and Johann’s parents on up through their birth and end on that faithful night when they entered the life of Kenzo Tinma.

Is this a good idea or a great idea? And who do I sell it to?
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