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Talking Nana

I had been watching the series Nana on Xfinity (formerly Verizon) On Demand. For some reason, they did not air the 47th and final episode, so I had to get the disc from Netflix to see how it ended. (Netflix also has the Japanese dub with subtitles on streaming video.)

The series begins with two girls named Nana who by chance meet on a train to Tokyo. They are totally different. One is a small town girl, totally naive in the ways of love, who hopes to get out on her own and learn how to be independent. The other is a street-wise former singer with a rock band hoping to make it in the music business, while chasing or running from a lost love. They eventually become roommates and close friends. As other characters come into the picture, we get a complex story of relationships in which everyone falls into everyone else’s lives, hearts and beds - only not necessarily in that order.

Nana works because of the complex characters, all with issues involving why they are alive and where they can find love. Some succeed, some come close and some totally miss.

Warning! This is not a show for children. There is some profanity, nudity and sexual situations.

I know it sounds like a chick anime, but it goes way beyond that. As a guy, I enjoyed it. I think there was supposed to be a second series, but I don’t know where they would pick up.

On the down side, many of the sub-plots are left unresolved. Maybe a second series can go back and fix it. Also, there are times I feel the English dub leaves things out. It seems as though two different writers wrote the English script. At times, Nana's band is called Blast and at other times The Black Stones.

Overall, I do recommend Nana.

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I enjoyed this series very much too. It did seem to hit real life situations which alot of anime does not, it was also set in modern times in a modern world. The reference to using Blast is that's the nickname instead of always having to say Blackstones. I have not had a chance to listen to the English dubbed version mine is only subtitled and the Japanese seiyuu are awesome. How are the voice actors in English? Also one other note the Subtitled version does go over more explaining the subtiltes that could be missed.
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Maybe someday I will re-watch in the original Japanese with subtitles. The English voices were good. But initially, the band is called Blast after the brand of cigarettes they smoke. At least in the English dub, there is no explanation as to why they are suddenly called The Black Stones, then Blast again, then Black Stones. Only the name Blast is explained.
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