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Well, im Monks and im from the United Kingdom, and I LOOVE Anime, thanks for makin this site! I'll be havin a website up soon heres the URL:
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hiya!! u come to the right place
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hi ya Monks and welcome to my forums

be afraid... Admin cap is back... !
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Hey ho! How's it going?
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heya monks, welcome to AB I'm from the UK too.

have fun
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hiya! enjoy ur stay!

eat an appple
What do you know about tweetle beetles? well.. When tweetle beetles fight it's called a tweetle beetle battle. And when they battle in a puddle it's a tweetle beetle puddle battle. AND when tweetle beetles battle with paddles in a puddle, they call it a tweetle beetle puddle paddle battle. AND... When beetles battle beetles in a puddle paddle battle and the beetle battle puddle is a puddle in a bottle....they call this a tweetle beetle bottle puddle paddle battle muddle. AND..... When beetles fight these battles in a bottle with their paddles and the bottle's on a poodle and the poodle's eating noodles....they call this a muddle puddle tweetle poodle beetle noodle bottle paddle battle.
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Heya there Monks, welcome to animeboards!
"Then you pitch that chicken!" - Master Shake
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Sup welcome to AB!
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Hi and welcome to AB.
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hi Monks

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hi ya Monks and welcome to the best place on the net
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Enjoy your Stay
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Hello there Monks!

Welcome to the boards, and enjoy your stay here!^^
'At the threshold of the soul, this is our loving call.
A gift of becoming, at peace renewed.
It is the story of us, of the glory of our longing and rising heart.'
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